How to fight cocaine addiction

how to beat cocaine addiction

Cocaine-related deaths have increased every year since 2009 – nearly 15,000 people died from cocaine overdoses in 2019. The CDC reports the highest decline in recorded deaths in the last four years, as cocaine is regularly mixed (or cut) with deadly opioids like heroin or fentanyl.

Although cocaine is often portrayed as a white powder that is snorted, it can be ingested in a variety of ways. People may choose a different method of ingestion that alters the body’s response to the drug. Some methods of cocaine use are more dangerous than others and put the user at a higher risk of addiction or infection.

For those of you familiar with crack cocaine addiction, it goes without saying how addictive and difficult it is to give up cocaine. However, nothing is impossible and if you want to know how to quit crack addiction, read the rest of this article.

The first thing you should keep in mind right now is that there is hope and your life can change for the better, no matter how many times you have fallen or wanted to give up.

If you have a crack addiction, you are struggling with two things at the same time. Both are equally difficult to conquer. On one hand, you have to deal with the psychological phase of the problem. And on the other, the physical problem must also be addressed. Let’s take a look at both and a final comment.

Psychological problems. If you have been smoking or using cocaine for a long period of time, this process of finding positive alternatives to drug use has a psychological component to fill the deep void from which you are escaping. In a counseling program, you will be encouraged to look for positive alternatives in your life or create new ones, such as exercising, reading, attending support groups, etc.

Physical problems. When you inject or smoke the drug, there is an increase in the chemical dopamine, which is released very intensely and the result is a feeling of euphoria and avoidance. It is very difficult to break this physical component of addiction, but it is possible.

How to stop cocaine addiction? It is necessary to enter a sobriety-focused treatment program as soon as possible that provides support in the midst of the rehabilitation process. It is also important to include the spiritual element and know that God will provide everything you need to include victory in this area and the support of loving people who have been there before.

Keeping a list of reasons why you want to detox will also certainly help you fight the urge to fall back into the trap of cocaine addiction. A list that you have personally thought of and written will give you new strength in the fight. Taking the time to make a list also means taking the time to think about and reflect on why you want to detox.

This can be for a variety of negative reasons:

  • Loss of friends
  • Lost money
  • Loss of the ability to support yourself
  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Hate the world around you
  • Fear of overdose
  • Fear of prison
  • Health addiction
  • Fear of continuing to become addicted to a chemical
  • This can be for several positive reasons:
  • To show the world that you are not a lost cause
  • Show the family that you are a winner
  • Prove to yourself that you are a winner

And to these, you can add your reason. Having a detailed, written list will help you focus on your goals and why you are struggling. Without a list, you can easily lose focus by forgetting what you are looking for. To get off cocaine and stay clean, you need to stay focused, and a list will help you do that.

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